1. blannie

    I made these tonight. I’d add a teaspoon of salt to the dough. I had to sub some other flours (bread and AP) as I didn’t have enough WW flour, but they came out pretty good! I also have to get better at making them uniform size. Mine were all over the place in terms of size, LOL!!

    • veganmilitarywife

      Thanks for the feedback! I follow a no salt, sugar, and oil wfpb diet, so most of my recipes do not contain those ingredients.

      • blannie

        Got it, you’re hardcore in a GOOD way, LOL. I’m not quite there yet on the salt, but I try to follow the rest. of your way of eating. I’m making another batch today! One quick question – how do you keep the dough from sticking to your bowl when you let it rise? I’d usually use some Crisco. I didn’t do that this time and my dough stuck pretty significantly. Thanks!!

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