1. Tracy Jones

    I am sooooooooo excited to have found you wow great recipes…I’m super excited about this Vegan Soul Food Sunday Menu….are the items not available able to be found elsewhere on your site?

    • veganmilitarywife

      Thanks for you comment! I add recipes as I create them and have the time. Usually, if I don’t include a recipe it means I didn’t follow one. If there is something specific you are looking for, just let me know!

      • Tracy Jones

        Wow…thanks for the quick response….I was interested in the Seitan and dumplings also the Seitan pot roast and gravy.

        • veganmilitarywife

          I have been meaning to post a seitan recipe for awhile now, but haven’t perfected it, yet. I actually just put some in my Instant Pot for Philly cheesesteaks for dinner tonight. I make it slightly different every time. If I like this one, I will post it.

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