1. Carollynne Kelly

    Theses are delu! I just made up my first batch and I am eating one now, and thet are wonderful warm, right out I’d the oven! I did add a few things to the batter, chopped up fresh peach, mini dairy free chocolate chips! I did think that the batter was way too dry. So I added a 1/4 cup of almond coconut milk at the end .

    • veganmilitarywife

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes, depending on how dry your flour is and how moist your applesauce is, you may need to add a little liquid.

  2. Jessica Eiss

    These look great too. Do they come right out of the liners, or stick badly, like some other recipes do in paper liners? TY.

    • veganmilitarywife

      When that happens, I blame the liners, not the recipes. I bought some cheap liners recently (all I had access to at the time) and they stuck to the muffins I made. I usually don’t have that problem with the liners I normally buy.

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